Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silence broken at last.

I'm really short of words on what to say. How I've abandoned this blog for over a month still baffles me. Thing is, the urge to write something comes but the patience to articulate fails me. I'm sorry for leaving you my readers hanging. Outside blogging though, I've still been a bit active in the literary world.

 The highlight of them all being the Loudthotz Poetry Reading I attended some weeks back and guess who I met... Atilola! I was so elated that day as I entered and sat down around strange faces eager to read their bad-ass poems. I felt so happy though...first Poetry reading...opportunity to read my so-called poem in front of an audience.

 Mehn! I was so impatient. Then sitted next to my right was Sam Bright of Naijastories and I was so in heaven. After him was a lady whom I later knew to be...wait for it...Atilola.

Sambright - Naijastories

Chisom the organizer
Sam and I (my heart was pounding here ehn!)


Okay you know when you've always had virtual relations with someone and you now get to see the person in the flesh...So exciting!

Well, some people I definitely can't wait to see in person (with the hope I don't faint out of excitement). Myne Whitman tops the list (There's no list jor!)

Relentless is another culprit hmm...LDP yep! How could I forget 9JAFOODIE!!! *slurp!* Toinlicious...*nods vigorously* Honeydame...absolutely, NIL, Woh infact all of you sef!

I read my poem...'Ticking Away' which for some weird reason was renamed 'Tick Tock' by me while sending the entry. So the next poetry reading is February...which do you suggest I send in in the poems listed below: Tatashe or The Battle?
Board room view



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