Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Things we take for granted...

A bit tired but I have to write this.

I thought of tweeting about this, hence the hashtag, but I got occupied with something. But thinking of it, there are so many things we tend to take for granted. I'll still tweet on it though.

Taking the wheels of your car, without uttering a prayer, yet you still enjoy safety.
Eating and your food digests...ask those who have to be injected with supplements.
Peeing don't use a tube.
You can smile...ask someone with paralysed facial muscles.
You have a boil/stye in your eye, yet you complain...ask those who have in the butt, sitting would be bliss.
Watching your favourite team lose a game without having a stroke...
You drink water daily and you swallow...ask someone with a peristalsis disorder.

You have a God who cares about you and yet we allow material things to steal our joy. Not good at all.
Take a moment and think of more things you feel are normal and Say 'Thank you Jesus, I love you'.

It felt good. That's how I want you to be from now onwards. Have fun. ;-)

By the way! *drags reader back* Before you think of closing this tab, I hope you have read this lovely story I wrote recently in the Trending Post. You berra! :-)

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