Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Middle Sleep

This blog post was inspired by a little child I woke up to go to bed this evening.
It's usually fun sometimes when you witness the drama of waking a sleeping child.

So I walk him to the gents...
Then..."Oya now, oya jor..."
After minutes of no luck, then I try the age-old "sssssss..." and there comes the log-awaited pee. Yay!

The silly things we do sometimes while asleep could amaze us. I remember an issue that I denied responsibility for when a friend claimed he brought an attendance sheet to me at 11pm to sign. That's all I could recall.

The next day he shows me the signature space while laughing and mocking me. I actually put 'dy/dx' in that space.
Another occasion I was woken up from sleep (a bit older as at then). I murmured and walked to the room opposite mine and waitied oooo. In my half-asleep mode, I stood patiently at the locked door, hoping for The door to open without any effort from me.

It is fun recollecting though. Have you experienced such moments?



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