Thursday, February 23, 2012

My new therapy

Heyo peeps!

It's hard to believe I'm still awake after all the work of yesterday. Yes cuz its 12:30am already and I'm supposed to be up early later today.

On a normal day, by this time I'm too exhausted to open my laptop so I just drag my self into my bed, try to pray and I wonder how it always happens...once I open my eyes, it's morning and I feel tired like I never rested.

At a point, I was having a lot of afraidness on my daily schedule till I re-found this new therapy I'd love to share with you. It's something we all know but hardly practice.
It makes me wake up refreshed and it's something you will mosdef gain from.
It's the 'Water Therapy' which I want you to try. I feel so energetic *Grunts* YEAH! Oops 12:45am.

Okay straight to the point, I haven't practiced it fully but I recommend it for you as it is known to even be a cure to a lot of diseases, relief from stress, good digestion, feeling fresh and energetic during the day, glowing skin, etc.
It has been tried, tested and proven!

- As you wake up in the morning, drink 4-6 glasses of water before brushing.
- Do not take anything until after 45 minutes after which you can eat or drink.
- After taking breakfast, lunch or dinner, do not eat or drink anything until after 2 hours.
- Take lots of water within every 2 hours.

This is one of the many simple gifts from God which I'm thankful for - WATER.

Also, my own jara for an energetic body is:
- Avoid eating past 7pm ( me I do 4/5pm most times)
- Instead of taking soft drinks, opt for water. Those things make you weak if you're not burning them off.

Note: Be prepared to visit the gents/ladies a couple more times than you used to. It's normal.

That's basically it sha. Try this today and please gimme feedback. Thanks! *off to play Rugby*!!!

...of course that would be in my sleep nah! :-D



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