Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back from my lil break

Hello everyone. Yes, I was away to attend a function as stated in my last post. I have loads of juicy gist for you all but it's quite late now and I must rest.
I intend to give you full details and pictures of the highlights of all that happened.
You know when people you barely knew before walk up to you and say, "Michael, I follow your blog and it's really nice!", all you can do is just be humbled and fired-up to do more.
Also I met Lowla Dee in person at the event. YAY!

I opened a new chapter in my green note today.
On it these are the words inscribed boldly on a full page.

iPLAN...   iPRESS...   iPURSUE...   iPROSPER
Moving forward with God

I probably do not know what it means yet but I'm by the grace of God re-strategising.

A big shoutout to D-i of 'Apples to Cross'. Thanks for dedicating a post to us at mikesfrequency.

Stay tuned and watch this space for full gist download.
Love you all. I mean it!



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