Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wisdom of elders

Wadup blogsville and readers alongside.
Okay, It's strange that I'm blogging now cuz I'm supposed to be preparing for something which comes up tomorrow Friday but nothing spoil. I'm enjoying it.

I've been promising heaven and earth about a Solo and I have decided to do it!
*applause* *drumroll* Hehehe.

Straight to business, I'd just like to drop a nugget for the weekend.
But before I do remember to check the Trending link below for a hot new poem by a featured writer on mikesfrequency. Feedback will be appreciated.

Now check out this comment by someone on an article I read sometime. Don't just read fast (be patient), absorb the wisdom in the letters.

''I love this story to the extent that it brings to the fore the importance of know - how as well as experience. Some of us labour all day at problems which can otherwise be resolved by more knowledgeable and experienced persons because we believe we are qualified. The institutional / memory knowledge lies with key members of staff and it is within easy reach by all of us if we would have the humility to tap into it...''
 Does that sound like you? Sounds like me anyways. Sometimes I just want to find out things on my own but then I've realized the benefits in the wisdom of elders. Their knowledge might be 'ancient' but ever relevant.
Mentors too...they make your journey easier cuz they've been there, done that.
I hope this blessed you. Now check out the piece below(Click the link).

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