Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the Anniversary things

People of blogsville, I've run out of concepts o. Okay there's an audio shout-out thing I'm doing for our 1year Blog Aniversary. But I know it should be more than that. So I'm going to give you a low-down of what I have in mind.

1. The Audio Shout-out (ongoing)
2. Something to make you laugh
Now that number 2 has a lot of commas, cuz my reputation is at stake...okay maybe not sha.
For No 2. I plan to do a solo (2a) (as suggested by Relentless Builder). Hahahaha. In my croaky voice...
or do an audio blog post (2b) in Yoruba (so you think I'd let you laugh at me ehn?)
So which do you prefer???

These days I haven't been busy that much but I've been a bad manager of my time which I have looked into.
Back to creating my to-do list, sticking to it and cutting off unnecessary lapses in time usage.
My life is made up of the time I spend daily. If I waste it, I'm indirectly wasting my life. That's too costly/precious to experiment with I must say.

3. Last on the list is - Do a blog give-away which I don't know how to do and what to give.

Any nice ideas would be welcome please.
BTW...Watch out for something on the Humor page soon.



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