Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Full pending gist + BLOG GIVE-AWAY!

As I earlier promised, I'll be giving you the gist of the function I attended. Well, it was the Commencement ceremony that took place at my alma mater. Not mine though, but I had to go celebrate with all my friends.
It was quite fun all through; though a few hitches alongside, but that can't be compared to the fact that I got to see a lot of people whom I had only known over the internet.

To all the peeps I met, it was such a great pleasure!
Special people like the editor of Lowla, (see picture below). Her stories always inspire me a lot!

Mikesfrequency meets

Not leaving out some key friends in my life. They always motivate me to be dissatisfied with 'good enough'.
(Left-Right) Me, Kenny & T. Babs...Friends to keep.
I've come to know that friends really play a vital role in our lives, consciously or unconsciously. You can't rule that out.

The ambiance of the new lecture theatre was irresistibly beautiful that I just had to upload the picture. I really see Nigerian Varsity education going forward.
Sweet learning room

And to the people who walked up to me to tell me how they enjoyed visiting the blog...I'm honoured and I won't stop sharing by God's grace.
Now to the main thing!

oKAy now to the main gist. As you all know mikesfrequency will be ONE on the 1st of August 2011! Yay!
So here's the line-up of activities.

August 1st (Day 1): Mikesfrequency's 'Complete the Poem' Competition. (Winner Announced on this day and gets any of Myne Whitman's books (Shipped to you) + A free exclusive Blog Design for a non-blogger).
Conditions for winning: You must be following this blog & you must take part in the Poetry Competition on the poetry page...Closing Date is July 31st 2011, 2300hrs GMT)

August 2nd (Day 2): Discussion Forum Section of the blog will be launched and we will be discussing MARRIAGE! It's supposed to be an avenue for sharing ideas in this age of Gender Equality where it's easy to misplace roles of the man and the woman in the family. Discussion topic will be posted on that day.

August 3rd (Last Day): A mimed solo by me (on popular request) + Audio shout-out mix

>>>View Competition and Partake!!!

Let's also have your views on how we can serve you better. Thanks!
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