Friday, July 8, 2011

...tired but hyper...???

I can't even think of a title for this post cuz I'm so tired...

To tell you how bad it is, I posted this first in the wrong page. *smh*

Today was sort of busier than normal. I should have posted this a few hours ago when I was still hyper. I just want to dedicate this post to thank God for what He did today for me. Little me.

You know those times when you think you're messing up in a corporate setting where optimum performance is required and He just comes up and cleans up your mess.


Okay, so since ayam hyper but tired kinda (is that possible???) and I can't post a picture of me to show you how happy I am, let this guy in the video below express how I feel inside me right now.

I just want to tell you something that in all you do...remember that God has you in mind. So don't quit trying. No-one said the journey would be easy but in the end...after the story comes the glory.

Love you all!

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