Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay what is the world turning to these days. First its planking, now Windeck.

First time I saw the video at an eatery, I laughed cuz the dancestep was silly. So 'Windeck' is a song from an Angolan musician by the name Cabo Snoop and its gaining crazy popularity these days. So out of curiosity, I searched for the term on google and this was what I found from a forum where some Angolans commented on the song.

Note the highlighted part
Well, thats not all, here's another...
From another forum
 So my question is this...Does it make sense listening to a song that presents sex 'in this manner'? Children dance it, adults aren't left out. The sad part is stuffs like this spread more than the gospel itself.

Well, its rather sad. I watched a documentary recently on Abortion, titled, 12th & Delaware. It was absolutely touching and I thought to myself. Its all a chain reaction.

Media presents lustful contents, I watch and one day can't stand being a spectator. So I act. She gets the unwanted pregnancy which has to be removed. Abortion inevitable. Pardon me if I sound dramatic but its true. Anyways, God help us all.



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