Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photoshoot Thursday

So I was an early bird today at work and I decided to explore. Inquisitive as I was, to say the least, I took the elevator to the last floor of the building. It's funny I've been in a place for a year and that place looked strange to me.
Twas actually evacuated and I sensed that a coy had moved out recently.

Na so I see one shiny door.

Ya... that was the door
It led to the roof and boy...was that breeze cool or what?!!

I sharply started my own time

The view made sense and I sorta felt happy cuz of the experience, the breeze and I think It might just be a nice hanging out spot during Lunch hours.
Bar-beach from my perspective
And that's him...Yea me.

But asides all these, It occured to me that I would have been confined to my cubicle downstairs unaware of the beautiful ambiance the scenery upstairs had to offer.

Move out of that norm and do something different for once. There's nothing as refreshing as a new experience. Larer y'all.

Wanna laugh>>>Here's the zone
P.S. If we win any award on the Blog Awards, should I do a Boyz II Men solo for you guys or I should post a Planking picture? HEHEHEHE!

I took this pic maself. Can you figure how??? 



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