Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Planking + other things

It's fun to blog these days and I actually have a write-up in mind on Parenting. I just did the plot of the story on my 'Notepad' on my PC but I'm too tired to write/type this night.

hmm...Mr Strass-Kahn in another alleged Rape suit. Its rather sad.
The rate at which scandals are being uncovered these days make one wonder sometimes what is going on.

Latest Planking News: Funke Akindele has also planked...on a bag of rice. *smh*
still *smh*

Okay, I thought of an idea today. Silly though.
I want to do a solo and upload it for you to hear. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Act like you never heard the last sentence. But I might actually and it will be next month (1st Anniversary-August 1st). Till I think of a better idea sha. That's all folks!



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