Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nigerian Blog Awards Drama

So I thought within me that it would be very unfair not to talk about the awards ceremony. Live Tweeting at its best, people pulling off the 'Kanye West' as expected.

This post is dedicated to all the winners. Ye all shall be acknowledged hia and below this post is my own mock #nigerianblogawards

But before I continue, who is Chutzpah ooo??? Packing awards like no man's bizness.
Congrats to her anyways...I can't help but laugh at the responses on Twitter. Someone said she should be Obama's campaign manager. Well, on to the next...

To my contenders in the 2 categories we were nominated for, I say welldone but I must acknowledge
Kevin WithanL's blog for winning 'Most Humorous Blog 2011'. I'm coming for you. ;-)

Also congrats to Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah's blog - Nigerian Blog of the Year.

@Sisi_Yemmie, I don't have the words for you. You also packed 2 awards under our nose...'Most Unique Voice in a Blog' & 'Best Blog by a blogger based outside Nigeria'

Linda Ikeji & Not just ok, congrats!

Now to the blog veterans that did not win. I sincerely think you deserved to but that doesn't change anything.
And did I hear someone request for the Poll results...haba Nigerians.

My favourite Collaborative Blog - Afrosays, with their explosive stories. You guys are the best jorr. You 'n Betty with your crazy stories.

@DynamiqueProf: Nominee, Most Inspiring Blog...You are awesome bro. First visit to your blog and I was hooked. Keep writing more!
@chocberry: 5 awards Nominee...Keep writing too. I enjoy your musings jare.

also I hear @toolsman is a great blogger and his supporters are quite pissed o. I'll go ova there and check out what you have. Good one too. I just did now...Wait, your last post has over 145 comments!!! Kilode. OKAY...with all that traffic, you deserve it.

Now to my awards:
Tatafo of the Year: Linda Ikeji
Out of the Blues/Team Obama Campaign Award: Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah
Weird but Interesting Musings: Afrosays

See I haf tired, add yours below.
And to my latest new friends>>>@HappyBBB, @Sisi_Yemmie, @KevinWithanL...
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