Monday, July 11, 2011

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Initially I wanted to do a blog post on the flooding in Lagos which has been quite a concern this past few days. Shortly after the decision, I decided to quickly scan through Linda Ikeji's blog which I do go to often and then I came across this post which I found quite disturbing at first. Disturbing because, I wondered how she still managed to smile through the pain after 77 surgeries!

It's a Fundraiser for Kechi Okwuchi, a former Loyola Jesuit student who was one of the two survivors of the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash.

Quoting Linda's blog:

"A devastating plane crash, over 60% intensive burns, up to five weeks in medically-induced coma and over 75 surgeries to date have not hampered the spirit of our friend, Kechi Okwuchi. She may have been terribly disfigured by the accident but Kechi’s determination and hope to achieve her dreams regardless, inspire us each day. We would like to share her story so that it may inspire you too.”

After the crash, Kechi was immediately transferred to South Africa for urgent treatment. Since she had to relearn to perform muscle movements, physical therapy followed when Kechi was in a more stable condition".
 READ MORE about the story here and please be kind enough to donate through the details given. God bless as you do so.

WARNING: Images may be disturbing to viewers as they contain pre- and post-surgery pictures.
View information & photos of her condition.



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