Monday, August 1, 2011

mikesfrequency is 1! *fireworks*

365 days of grace and grandeur...TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

August 1st 2010 was the launch date of mikesfrequency blog and a year after, it's been splendid.
It definitely wasn't the niceness of the notes but YOU guys that made us cool!

So what motivated us to start?
I read inspiring notes on blogs like Myne Whitman Writes, Tolu Akanni's blog which inspired me a lot at the time. Then I thought...let's give it a shot. The response was awesome. From private commendation notes on Facebook to open comments. But something tells me we're still evolving.

We don't know what it is, or what it can be, we just know mikesfrequency is cool! Thanks to you!

Did you know?
> mikesfrequency came on air 29th of June, 2010 but became official on August 1st, 2010?
> mikesfrequency is a composition of 5 different blogs? (Check the address whenever you click on the page links)
> searching for the word 'tatashe' on Google and clicking on the 1st link leads you to our page?
> we have been listed on Information Nigeria website?
> you were a part of the success story?!!!


Give-away is still on ooo. I'm sorry this is coming late.
A total of 6 entries were received for the Poetry Contest and mikesfrequency's panel of judges are thoroughly scrutinizing each entry on the backend.
The winner will be announced tomorrow August 2nd, 2011 at 2100 GMT

Watch out for tomorrow's package.

Editing is also underway for the audio shout-outs and the solo release. Don't miss out!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Keep 'em traffic pouring in.



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