Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm so fit!

I was forming fitness expert this morning surprisingly.

Woke up 4:30am, did my devotion (spiritual fitness)

Skipped for 5-7 minutes (that's a lot for me o!)

took 3 full glasses of water.

ran my bath water and went back to read my bible. Checked my mails and now I'm blogging (It's 5:37am)

After this, I will skip again and drink 3 extra glasses before my commute to work. But BOY DO I FEEL FIT!

Exercise is really good I tell you. Everyone knows that but only few like me actually do it daily.

Well, August is really jam-packed for me and I have 2 big things coming up this month asides a very tough exam I'm taking. Amidst all the prep, I'd try not to leave you guys hanging. AS in! I haven't written any story or articles in weeks! I'll get my rhythm back, I promise.
Now off to my morning activities! Have a nice day y'all. God bless you!

***P.S.: I came back to add this. Just finished Round 2 skipping and I feel smarter than ever***
So here's my question for you. I was given this question in an interview.

A brick weighs 1kg plus half a brick. How much does a brick weigh?

(All the parameters you need are there in the question and don't bother saying 1.5kg cuz that would be incorrect. I'll post the answer soon. No cheating o.)



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