Monday, October 11, 2010


Hope you had a great weekend? I hope you did anyways and if not, then get ready for a wonderful day ahead of you. Yeah, I said so.

How many ants does it take to make a landlord happy???

C'mon! Some humor at least.

Ok I was asked answers to some riddles by my lil ones over the weekend which I hardly got. Part of which I put above. Then I guess they ran out of riddles and decided to form theirs, so I heard this hilarious one again:

niece: I am something, the police likes me and even everybody, what am I?
neph: Gun, got it! got it!
niece: shut up!
me: um...lemme see..Food?
niece: food ni
niece: how come u guys don't know, it's Bribe!

Can u imagine even kids are aware of our Men in Black's green friend. God help us all.

So whatever you do, don't forget that a frown smile is a curve that can straighten out a lot of things.



  1. That was funny, and I've never seen it before too, lol...

  2. Hey bro, You've got Myne Whitman commenting on your art - Good work I must say!

    ... and of course you know you can't beat me at corny jokes, Good try tho

  3. @Myne: got me laughing hard. have a great day!
    @Afrosays: Hahaha...Afrosays so @ moi frequency! we'll see bout that.


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