Monday, October 18, 2010

Hope the weekend was good?
Twas a big challenge blogging over the weekend but thank goodness we're back.
There's quite some new stuff to be published and I won't hesitate to do that. Published one of them whose link is included as a Trending Now post for today.

Don't forget to click 'Like' :) and also its easier to comment now on the other pages. Will try to implement that on this page too.

Monday...hmmm...not so fun for me but I know you'll have the best of time today. Something tells me I might be incommunicado for about a week or more beginning from this month's ending. I hope not anyways cuz I'll miss you guys and I'm working on writing as much as I could then publish periodically. arrgh..too much stories...Now enjoy my latest which is:
Trending Now: Humor Series - Patrick ...crazy thoughts of an eccentric and his pillow



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