Thursday, October 21, 2010

Away for a while...

Dear blog and blog readers,

I write with much tears (not really sha) as I express with mixed feelings my sojourn away from civilization for about a month. I would not want you to stop reading my blog and I know I'm going to miss posting stuff.
My sojourn is that of a great adventure into a distant and far land. I do not know the situation of how things shall be but I admonish ye all to be of great cheer as it is for a good cause.
In my times of solitude I shall always remember ye all in my thoughts and when I get the wherewithal to reach you all, I shall not hesitate to keep you posted of my recent discoveries.

To the fellow bloggers that kept me going: Myne Whitman, Afrosays, Edna Writez, D-i, Harry, Cocodandridge, Lowla Dee and Tolu...all the best!
Not forgetting great contributors and commenters: Somto Okeke, Oba Lanrewaju, Laju, Paptus, Ayo Da whizkid, Gbenga Aji, Jibadz, Mayo, Ken Ibe TJ, 47, Raymond, Korede, Moyo, Ejiro and all y'all anonymous visitors too (you know thyselves).

This is my current state and I say with much confidence that I shall be back and better! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
                                                                                                               Yours bloggingly @ moi frequency,


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