Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lagos, Ogun and Chile

Feels good to be blogging right now although the news haven't been encouraging. Those 3 places right now need prayers more than ever.

 Some parts of Lagos and Ogun State have been experiencing flooding of recent which has led to loss of lives and property. So whether or not you know where this is or about it, just spare 15 minutes of your time today to put this people in prayers.

So much for just 33 men you might say but its just one story that has touched me sincerely also, speaking of the 33 trapped miners in Chile. Trapped for over 10 weeks underground ain't no joke o. Also put them in prayers and I'm certian something positive will come out of this.

I also found out some interesting facts which I'd like you to read in my latest note on the raw talk page which is:
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