Saturday, October 15, 2016

Talk is Cheap

Disclaimer: This is an open rant.

I am slowly getting weary of people who say one thing and their actions portray another thing. It's tiring and annoying sometimes and I just see it as a reflection of the said person's integrity. Please, this is not disputing the fact that we often make commitments and fail at them. That's only human.

But I mean outrightly and consistently promising, reassuring or declaring your commitment to something and then consistently acting out something else is plain disrespectful. But as they say, Talk is cheap. I'd say it's worthless nowadays. 'Cheap' even attaches some value to it. There are a few exceptions, often times from those who you don't even expect any level of commitment from, who go all the way to show consistent dedication to a cause.

If you have someone who shows dedication, whether to a cause, task, relationship or a job, hold them close and never let them go. If you are the inconsistent one, then in the interest of world peace, stop talking and start doing. We are weary of your antics.

Thank you.




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