Monday, July 30, 2012

My Awesome weekend + Blog Anniversary

Yes! Just as the title shows, I had an awesome weekend! Not exaggerating.
Highlight of it was that I finally met Myne Whitman.

Myne and I @ the 'Book N Gauge' event

I concluded on a project that I'd been on for a while which was a big relief. Headed to a friend's house only to find out that Olympics Opening Ceremony was showing.

Did you guys see the epic jump by the 'Queen'. LOL! Tim Berners-Lee's appearance (Inventor of the WWW)! Mohammed Ali's appearance? Mr Bean's performance... O_O *faints*, David Beckham on that boat.?

Sports sure unites nations. It was a sensational opener (Sure you know that). And what do you guys think of our Team Nigeria Athletes? They looked gorgeous shey.

So I hear D'Tigers have made a statement win by beating Tunisia in the Basketball while a couple of other athletes have dropped out in some events. Watch out for our first-ever Nigerian canoeist, John Akinyemi.

At the Book reading
I met Shai and Kaycee of Naija Stories at the book reading event 'Book 'N' Gauge' where I also met Myne Whitman.
After this, I visited this techie place with a couple of friends...Co-Creation Hub Nigeria. Awesome for techies with startup ideas who need a space to work or just resources to collaborate with. You should check out their website. Cool place.

After this, I had Sharwarma I'd been looking forward to devouring after such a long while. Sorry no pictures. :-P

Then it was a lovely ride home listening to Andrea Bocelli, arguing about who loves him more, talking about other things friends talk about when they meet. I had fun.

Blog Anniversary
We shall be two years old on August 1 by the way. *fireworks* *applause* Sankyo Sankyo!

Mikesfrequency is 2!

Any suggestions??? I'll appreciate it. Thanks. If I haven't visited your blog in a while, watch out for me this week.



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