Saturday, July 14, 2012

Updates so far on the comic + other news

Okay, I've missed so much activities in Blogsville. Hope your weekend's going great?

Did I miss Myne's visit to Nigeria again? *sigh* Second time running. Just checked her blog and saw the pictures. Hope not to miss the next one though. In other news, we shall be 2 years old a few weeks from now. :-D

Last year we did a video shoutout and a song also. This year I guess I could use some ideas from you guys. Something out of the normal. Suggestions are welcome please. Sankyo!

Okay, Its basically been a bit clogged up in my head with the numerous daily activities. We're currently experiencing some challenges with the printer for the 'Hidden Ville 'comic who from my understanding did a very poor job. That's the reason I haven't updated you guys since.

Do you know MIT and Harvard have collaborated to launch an online learning platform with the same quality of course materials at both institution accessible to over 1 Billion connected people FOR FREE? This for me is a major milestone in E-Education. You could read about it to get a better feel.

In other news, what do you guys think about the current situation in Nigeria. I don't even know where to begin from. Do you think we still have a chance to make things right irregardless the numerous predictions so far and the ailing situation of the state?

I'd like you to visit this link in the flyer below to view this awesome content distribution website that's hitting the NIgerian scene.




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