Monday, October 8, 2012

Meeting a blogger + The big picture

It's a new week and I'm positive about how great it's going to be.

One of the highlights for blogging for me has always been meeting fellow bloggers face-to-face and I think it gets a lil more interesting when you see a familiar face and you wondering where you knew the person from.

So I saw a fellow blogger last week. Yay! Precisely Feyi (@msdawari) and I was shocked at first, cuz it was a bit dark at that time and I probably did not expect anyone to recognize someone you haven't met physically that easy at night. Twas fun really. Can wait to meet the rest of you in blogsville...(you know yourselves shebi ;-)  )

About that trip to the Equity Resort...Yah it was another round of fun again.

I think I'd define my weeks so far as a bit on the edge as I've been overwhelmed with things to do.

But in all I learnt something from a book I'm currently reading 'Thinking for a Change' by John Maxwell. It called the 'Big Picture thinking'.
It sure helps you put things in perspective as you tend to have the big picture in mind which might be a goal we want to aspire to reach in life or a dream desire. Big picture thinking helps you engage in activities that are productive in achieving that goal.

Big Picture thinking would make an aspiring writer find time to read and write in the midst of 'activities'.
Big Picture thinking would make an aspiring fashion designer start scouring fashion mags and blogs to widen his/her view.

Thing is we could get so muddled up with activities that we forget why and what we were called to 'be'. That is actually the big picture. It must always be in-view.

Here's one of the pinshurs...



  1. Now, which one is Michael? Mr. Blue Mask or Mr. Red Mask? Or maybe they're twins.

    We could all do with big-picture thinking, ba?

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