Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blogging and my hiatus

It's been a constant struggle trying to put up a post for more than a month now.

Before I go on, I'm really sorry for the long silence. I thought it not wise to just put up something here without visiting your blogs so I had to do a lil visit round almost all the blogs I follow.

As you can see, we changed skin o, hehehe. Please help fill in the poll by the right sidebar. I'll appreciate it a lot!

Lots have happened in the past few days, my birthday, stress from everyday life, an encounter with a Sierraleonean  refugee, to mention a few.
I was ranting to a friend just this weekend of the number of things I was juggling and was advised to focus on things that matter. Blogging for me is one and you guys have just been super-duper awesome.

Hopefully, I've resumed fully now by God's grace. Wish you guys a lovely week ahead and stay tuned for some juicy stuff.

P.S.: Please let me know in the comments what you feel can be improved on. Thanks!



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