Saturday, February 9, 2013

A few Issues...

Here's hoping this post will break the jinx and I'm not in anyway trying to make light of the fact that I haven't dropped a word in months.

I've battled with so much guilt of not being able to write a single post and I'll try also not to be dramatic in explaining what has been going on.

Thing is...I'm kinda overwhelmed. There's so much clogged up in my head. So many things race through my mind per time that I hardly find the peaceful mental posture to pen down my thoughts. My greatest fear was even when I tried to write and couldn't figure what to write about. I guess it's a chronic form of writer's block I'm currently experiencing but keeping quiet about it hasn't helped. So here's me in my humble skin letting you in on the few issues I'm experiencing and hoping you'll understand as you've always.

Work has been a bit overwhelming and the perfectionist side of me has not helped either. I actually wrote a few things but never bothered to publish cuz it just never made any sense. So, I always thought to myself..."Okay fine, you can't write Michael, then soak yourself in more work". Only got worse. lol.

I missed the monthly poetry reading I normally  attend this January  which I only missed once last year. Well, enough of narrating the issues.

On a brighter side, some good things also happened:
- I read a poem at an official event in December and it was well enjoyed. When a partner walks up to you and gives you the 'Did-you-write-that-lovely-piece' look with a handshake, then you know it was a good one.
- Errm, I summoned the courage to re-write and put up one of the stories I talked about earlier in this post.
- The Hidden Ville comic by Koryarts finally got published
- I bought a new gadget that I'd been craving to buy since last year. I call her 'Regina'. lol!
- I met Huntly Anabs (a fellow blogger) in person and he visited me with a gift in December. I was elated!!!
- I discovered more on my walk with God.
- Super Eagles are in the AFCON 2013 Finals!

Though it's coming late, Cheers to a wonderful 2013 with you guys!

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