Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When is the best retirement age?

It's 2am and I'm up already.
Not quite strange sha, especially as I didn't take a shower before going to bed the night before. Sleep is always interrupted when it happens like this. It's just a silly habit I formed that is now haunting me.

I've been given a slot to perform another piece at an official event in March. I've started writing it though and I think I want to do something out of my comfort which means more practice. *shivers*
First point of practice I guess would be at the monthly poetry reading I normally attend.

So a random thought jumped into my head as I tried to make good use of my awake time. "When is the best retirement age?" Occasionally, I see adverts on BRT buses on various Pension Administrators but one advert slogan that has caught my attention and possibly admiration (for the rhymes anyways) is Stanbic Pensions' which reads 'Today's swagger might be tomorrow's stagger'. Hehehe... I love the humor, yet serious sense of the ad.

So I was kinda thinking...when is the best age/time to start planning retirement?
What would one do in retirement?

We must have heard cases of people who died few years after leaving their jobs which I guess is due to physical inactivity and reduced social interaction. I doubt if retirement is really a function of age though.

I think it's a function of planning ahead though and planning early also. I have this friend who already has his children's school fees till secondary school planned for (he's gotten more than half ready). He's not married yet by the way. Oh sorry, I meant he's not even dating yet! I once thought he was plain crazy, paranoid and all sorts but really it's good to plan ahead. A Forbes article I read went on to give a few solid tips on planning early too.

At least, have a faint idea of when you wanna retire and how you wanna spend it. I believe it puts things in perspective and could even make you know how and where to channel your energy and resources to. Just my thoughts though.
I stumbled on another interesting article on the subject also.

So have you thought about retirement?
When do you think is the best age/time?
Share your ideas...



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