Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Explaining the hiatus

Hello wonderful people,

It feels so kinda weird that I totally went off for months without a word and I really feel I should apologize for that.

I got asked many times why I stopped blogging and truth is I don't know (strange...I know right!). I don't think it was writer's block cos there were countless times I had things to write but I just wouldn't know how to start.

It's funny how a platform that is usually an outlet used in expressing oneself suddenly feels the way I described.

I got carried away at a point with an idea on Education I was trying to push for. A process in which I did learn a lot. I tried registering the blog with a new domain but the silly thing hasn't worked yet.

Well, the good thing is I hope to write more and return to form. Also, I'll be introducing a guest Author soon who would publish under the poetry section. It' s all part of the strategy of not leaving my readers hanging while I'm not available.

I hope y'all understand though. Enjoy the rest of your week.



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