Thursday, October 3, 2013

When do we draw the line in Giving + New Poem

If you've lived a greater part of your life in Nigeria or had someone fill you in on common occurrences that happen at times, then the subject of 'Giving' might make you have raised eye brows.

For most people, circumstances have probably shaped our attitude to giving. A friend once gave me the gist of a roadside beggar that he used to give money on his way to work every morning whom he later heard was building a house in his hometown with the proceeds from the day's 'job'. I laughed so hard at the passion and  regret with which he used to describe his 'hard-earned money'. Hehe...I saw a really pained man lament.

Let's not even go to the creepy stories of someone disappearing after giving money to a stranger on the main road. Never been proven though.

It's a bit ironic that sometimes (if not most times), giving frees up room to receive more. More like it makes us channels and not reservoirs. Channels are ever fresh with new supplies, reservoirs are kinda stale and can hold on to things for too long. Nothing is hardly ever new with a reservoir and once a reservoir gives, it becomes empty. But a channel, always new and fresh flowing.

I stumbled on this very touching video on YouTube (see below) that just tells a lot about the importance of giving even when it's not convenient at times. Hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile check out my new poem on Imagination & Creativity.
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  1. Beautiful video/story. I get what you mean about drawing the line and creepy stories but i don't think about it. I know some people give to organised orphanages alone because of it. I do my giving and whatever the person does with the money is between them and God. #shrug

  2. Same as Toin, I give and remove my mind.

  3. When I was in secondary school, I watched some beggars paraded on newsline, in the days of Cyril Stober. There were nailing the moneys people were giving them to some trees, and using their destinies to do jazz. I watched and saw everything myself. No one told me

  4. I agree with you Toin. So long the giving is motivated by love and not just a feeling of obligation.

  5. Yes Myne, that's just it. We never know how much blessing we can be in peoples' lives by just forgetting about ourselves for a second.

  6. Hehe, I'm sure I must have come across one of those episodes too. That's why we have to 'be led' while giving so we don't give amiss. I'm sure you know what I mean. :)

  7. Na so we see am o. I just go with you on being led. It's not by what we see truly.

  8. its good to give, Naija makes it weird cos some beggers are tricksters, regardless its great to give

  9. I agree with you SisiYemmie. The feeling is awesome. Na to just add caution join.


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