Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan

Its really a sad phenomenon, talking of the prevalence of natural disasters around the world.
Recently was New Zealand on Feb 22 this year and now Japan on March 11th. We could keep blabbing about man's activities and how his actions are affecting the environment but that is not the solution.

As at now, while following the news, I learnt that it has actually shifted the earth on its own axis by 10cm and also moved the main island's of Japan 2.4m east. Now tell me, you're not affected in this. More so, natural disasters not only affect the affected country's economy but the world at large. Else, how would you explain World Oil prices rising due to the Libya Civil protest.

It sad that countries that don't even have natural disasters create disasters for themselves.
Well if you think you don't have a say in this, then you're wrong!
So here's the thing...Pray for Japan 3 minutes daily and pray towards Nigeria's elections for 3 minutes too.
Spread the message round! 6 minutes of your time is all you have to give. Its worth it!
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