Sunday, March 27, 2011

Milz you all...

Hey I'm back on track like a train,
Arranging those words like a sage,
To say I don't miss you all is a fib,
But I words I sow as a seed.

Okay, where do we start from...? Nigeria is heating up election-wise as tension build-up is at its thresholds. Campaigns run like daily aerobic sessions, Incognito Manifestos, Dramatic Debates and the list is endless...
This is by my observation one of the most publicized in terms of awareness and various movements against unfairness during the elections.

Over to Japan now, the focus has shifted from the Earthquake cum Tsunami to the Radioactive emissions from the Fukushima-Daiichi Plant. God be with the people of Japan. (Amen).

One thing has been of concern to me of late and its life generally. I won't go into much details but its the fact that life isn't fair. People are born with simple minds only to grow to develop complex minds that they themselves don't understand.
One misconception is that its often misconstrued as maturity. When we were little, we would smile genuinely, play with sand, quarrel and forgive on the spot...but with age comes so much complexity. We find it hard to enjoy the subtle good of life. Maybe life is complex...yea...maybe it can only be understood by the simple.

May God help us all. Have a lovely week ahead!



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