Wednesday, March 2, 2011


These days most of my posts are usually one-worded to describe what's going on at this end. Okay as for today's own, it explains itself fully.

By the way, Happy New Month and I wish you the very best. hmm...I actually haven't released the other poem I told you about in the last post + I also wrote another piece (funny one too).

Hope to release it for your viewing sometime soon. Just a few tips for the new month ahead:

Tip 1: Review your plans for the year, have you been faithful to them? If not, make amends and don't beat yourself up.
A number of times, we get so focused on achieving things that we forget to live the proper life God wants which leads us to the next tip.

Tip 2: Live your life: I could guess you have that 'like duuhh, who doesn't do that' in your mind. Well, my point is, enjoy everyday and don't live on the opinion of others.

Okay, this is not one of them, '10 Tips for living' kind of posts *laugh* buh I just wanted to drop these few.
Have a nice day ahead!



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