Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plenty Stories + Good News

Hi there, its been a fassst week o. The way this year is rolling by is just amazing...I mean...its April already. Good Lord!

Well, its good on the other hand.

Okay, there's plenty to talk about. Firstly, some days ago I planned to post something here which I actually did, then I had some technical issues which I tried resolving by refreshing my page...and voila!...all was gone.
hmm...Plenty Stories, I hear you say.

But no qualms, you haven't missed a thing cuz I'll fill you in with the nitty-gritties...@ moi frequency...*wink*

Now to the good news...mikesfrequency will be spreading its tentacles to a wider audience! Good news indeed right. Well let's just keep fingers crossed!
Also part of the good news is an invitation to write for a blog I respect so much...talking of Afrosays . Yup! you should bookmark it. I just hope I can keep up but then again, the frequency is never jammed! Thanks to God.
As long as he gives, I deliver!

Shout-out to a friend: Happy Birthday Tobi Babs!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Mwah! (eeewww)



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