Monday, April 11, 2011

Slow and Steady

That's the way I'm playing it this days. No need to rush. I particularly have been out of tune with some things in my environment and it just gives you the creeps when things move too fast.

Okay I'm supposed to submit a write-up by the end of this week and I haven't written shin-gbai (local word for 'Nada'/nothing) at all. So, I'm taking it all out on my environment cuz she hasn't given me any inspiration at all. hehehe...Projects, Deadlines, Decisions...on and on and on.

Thank you Lord for life and sanity. So ama take it slow and steady cuz sometimes, the best way to catch-up fast is to slow-down...hmmm...what a paradox.
Slow and Steady implies caution, calculation and precision juxtaposed with heavenly connection (you can't rule that out you know). I'm having a Matrix moment on slow-mo...with me dodging stress bullets, jumping over skyscrapers and landing with a dignified full split on peaceful grounds. Breathe in...Breathe out. Well these are just some random thoughts from a tired head. *yawn*

Enjoy the rest of your week and get ready Nigeria for this weekend (April 16th)...Nigeria Decides!



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