Friday, April 8, 2011

Election Weekend 1

Tomorrow marks a very important event speaking of the Nigerian Elections which as described by a respectable Nigerian in diaspora would either lead us to progression or retrogression.

On my own part, I particularly do not think I'll vote in the House of Reps/Senatorial election but as for the Presidential and Gubernatorial, count me all in.
Well in a place like Lagos, its glaring that Fashola is the man for the job and that's my pick but for presidential...hmmm! I can tell you plainly that I have over 3 different choices but I know of a thing that I'll vote only one of them(duuhhhh!). hahaha...Okay the truth is I haven't made up my mind but come April 16th, one man will stand. One man...One decision...One desire.(I love being dramatic, yea I know).

So go all out and VOTE!!! Your vote sure counts. Have a nice voting weekend.




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