Friday, May 11, 2012

Comic launch!

Firstly, thank God for the friend that threarened me to write today! LOL! You know yourself. :-P

*alarm rings*
Shey you heard it now o, my alarm is ringing. Been up since 3:45am am and I've been waking up really early this past week. It's been really helping cuz I get to do so much in the early hours to kickstart my day.

So I hear Aunty Relentless has moved to a new domain. Congrats dear! *dancing makosa*
You berra declare akara and pap for the boys o. Else, I threaten you with your new name. Guys lemme know if you want to hear her cute name. ;-)

Well, I was threatened my one of my very good friends to blog today, else she doesn't talk to me :-( So here I am.

I'll use this opportunity to inform you guys that I've been working on a comic project for months now. It's set to launch in June (next month) and I need your support!
I will post the details very soon but check out the poster below for a brief peek. It's a comic named 'Hidden Ville' and is pioneered by 'Koryarts', a company of five which I'm part of. We did an interview with a few blogs and I'll post the links soon.

That's the maiden edition cover and I would hint you on how you could help spread the news.
You can check out more artworks and comics from Koryarts at

Have you ever wondered how much time we waste in the mornings, unaware of how productive we could be? Imagine creating 1 hour every morning to do some productive things like having your devotion, planning the day, quiet time/meditation, etc.

1 hour a day = 7 hours a week = 28 hours a month. That's more than a day already...invested. Plus, hope you guys are still practising the water therapy.

To the three new VIP members: Luciano, Buttercup and Atari. Welcome to you! We appreciate you jare. Oya *chop knuckle* :-))



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