Monday, May 28, 2012

Experiment with imagery + Comic updates

Happy to be posting something finally. My internet had some issues during this weekend although, I had typed out this post before.

Last week was filled with so much to do and the good part is I'll be taking some days off this week to focus on the upcoming comic project.

Really would like to thank Myne for helping with the publicity on her blog. I was really happy and encouraged when I read the post.

We were supposed to have a proper launch event for it on June 2nd but when we did a cost-benefit analysis of that, it just did not appear right.

I just finished reading Chimamanda's 'The Thing Around Your Neck' and it's been fun so far. Her use of imagery and powerful description is just awesome.

I tried to experiment and here's what I came up with:

'Charles stopped and looked at the map again. The tall Mahogany trees did little to occasionally shield the oncoming sunrays from his eyes. Rivulets of sweat trickled down the side of his face as he stared hard again into the dog-eared map with blurry lines and text.

He mumbled some words to himself and finally made a loud sucking noise as his face creased into a frown; eyes squinting.

The same sucking sound he made when he discovered all the trees looked the same; the same sound he made when his pair of glasses was washed away rapidly in the currents of the Pulumba stream that he hoped to find again; the same one he would make when he met a native that spoke the 'Kachoki' dialect he never understood; and the same sucking sound he would make - this time with a sigh of relief and glee as he heard the sound of a rushing stream in the distance.

Tucking the map back into the back-pocket of his blue mountain shorts, he ran his thumb through the strap of his backpack and hunched his shoulder to adjust it into position; continuing the search for familiar landmarks.'

So what do you think guys?

What did you understand from the story?

What can you say is the current state of the main character?

(I'd appreciate feedback *big grin*)
So this week, I'd definitely update you guys on how you could help support the comic project on your wonderful blogs.
Have a great week...!



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