Saturday, May 14, 2011

Latest updates for you

I have over 15 tabs open on my taskbar and its all unfinished work!
Oops! sorry I forgot to say hi to you my wonderful reader.

I have a pending poem to be published now written by Somto Okeke, my 'oga' in poetry. There's another write-up by an upcoming newbie in the writing community (It took a lot of persuasion to get her to give me the piece to be published and its actually not a bad one for starters.

I have joined Naija stories (NS)...Yay! Its an online community of upcoming Nigeria writers where you get honest and sometimes harsh criticisms or praises on your work.

True confession:  Between the lines above and the words below this sentence, there was a 2-hour loss of time in which I was sucked into a big dreamland time-vortex. You no sey body no be firewood nah. Hehehehe...

Also mikesfrequency already has 3 of its articles published already on Naija Stories and hopes to do more as time goes on.Ticking away and Black Beauty have attracted views of over 200 readers.

Shoutout to Myne Whitman for a good job on Naija Stories.

Now let's see how we can make good use of this night's solitude. See you guys soon.

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