Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My thoughts on Bin Laden

Sitting at my PC at 11:31pm...exhausted. Its been a while since I posted something on Raw Talk and the other pages.

I particularly got wind of Bin Laden's death on Monday afternoon and what surprised me most was the fact that the US citizens were jubilating. Don't get me wrong, the 9/11 attacks was a cold-blooded massacre. In fact, one documentary I watched last month on Discovery Channel got me teary-eyed where they analyzed the tragic events as narrated from selected families of the victims. Twas indeed a sad one and I still sympathize till date with them.

Now the part that gets me confused for the lack of a better word is the jubilation. True as a newscaster described it, America was one-evil man safer by Osama Bin Laden's death but my fear lies in this... Osama is dead but his legacy is not!
There are a couple of naysayers/Osama hardcore followers who have a deposit of his doctrine in their blood stream and have now been agitated. This only puts the United States in a more uncomfortable situation. As for me, I would have preferred him captured alive.

Well, that being said, my country has a lot of issues to solve and the Osama issue is by the way.
Before I go, I'd like to drop a few tips:
Make every moment count. I read a book (Business @ the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates) in 1 month...in transit. I used the little hours spent on the road traveling to and fro daily to finish the book and It only made me realize, I could utilize more of my time. Carry a book with you when traveling, when eating and even in the toilet.

Time is Life...Wasted Time=Wasted Life.
Have a nice day!...@ moi frequency...



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