Monday, May 16, 2011

My passion

A student grabbed a coin,

Flipped it in the air & said,
"Head, I go to sleep."

Tail, I watch a movie.

If it stands on the edge I'll study.

Hehehehe...howdy all. Hope your kicking. Glad I'm here again on this brown page to scribble some of my musings as is the tradition.
Firstly to a member of the blogsville community, I'd say Happy Birthday Tolu Akanni. Wish you the very best man. You're a gift.

Okay, I'm getting addicted these days to my PC which I kinda object to. We had a fight a while ago based on this same issue. The addiction is good from an angle cuz I do a lot on sites like Naijastories, this blog, Lowla Dee's blog, Afrosays witty stories, Myne Whitman's page and my mailbox. I read a lot on blogs I visit and probably comment on good stuffs I see but I feel its getting too much (don't know why).

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day but its all good.
There are 2 things I still have a hard time distinguishing which one I love more and they are Writing and Telecoms.
Telecoms flows in my blood. I pulsate when I'm working on a Base Station or fixing some equipments. I love it to pieces and its the reason I wanna go to sleep right now so I can be up and doing tomorrow.

There's nothing like knowing you love something and sticking to it. There's so much joy in that.
Okay, I finally got to convince an upcoming talent to submit her write-up a while ago and thank God she did.
Enjoy as she reveals her thoughts on Friendship.
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