Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Stories

Remember I talked one time about my big fight with technology, FB and the likes? Well, word on the street has it that we're back together again for a lil while as it were. Hehehe. Silly me.

Okay, about the wedding I talked about in my previous post? Twas fab! Ok...True confession, I missed the exchange of vows and the 'I do' part while staring in each others faces. I also missed the 'You may now kiss the bride' part. Arrgh! I should be caned but all well and good I graced the closing remarks in my regalia.

The Adebiyis with a classic pose
Going to weddings sort of gives you an awareness which I won't spell out and at this point I doff my hat while raising a glass to the latest couples in town...Mr & Mrs Adebiyi

I must commend the dancing prowess of the bride. It was too gbaski (another word for awesomeness).

Dear future wife,
This is to gently warn you of my dancing skills and to let you know its on! Cuz on that day...I'll beat you to it.
But till then...MWAH!
                                                                                             xoxo...The love of your life.
 Another highlight of my day was a meeting with a reverred friend of mine. 2 hours of sharing views, asking honest questions on life, passion, career paths, purpose and the list is endless. Part of the reasons I decided to get back to FB. Don't ask me why. :-)) Today...Oh! Yesterday(Saturday) I mean was worthwhile and above it all God favoured me all through the places I went.

Wish you guys a happy Sunday and check out my latest piece and why I got pissed with Technology below.
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