Monday, September 12, 2011

Borrow borrow+ Trade Offs (Final)

Blogging from a borrowed PC/Modem. ARRGGHH!!!

Anyways, while on my way to the programme I told you about, my thoughts drifted a bit to some ironies of life.
You know those moments when you just start having doubts about decisions you're about to make and all. MY final resolve was to Let Go and Let God, cuz on my own, I'll just mess things up.

I wrote them down in my 'big notepad' since I couldn't type at that point. At the same time I was just thinking of what I've missed so far from my longest disconnection from cyberspace. It's quite a lot ooo.

- My daily John Maxwell videos
- Consulting Tips and Guideline mails from the famous Victor Cheng
- Project Mgt Newsletters and Forum Discussions from professionals
- My Google Reader, Blogsville...arggh! Don't bother analyzing. A lot!

At some points in our lives, the most valuable assets will be our PCs. It's a big shift and though I'm really a strong proponent of being IT-savvy, I also believe things should be done in moderation.
Heard of a certain story of a Pastor that wanted to preach and was about to do so, only to discover that his I-Pad had frozen.
So for 20 minutes, they battled to restore it before the message could begin.

Remember those days when they say wave your bibles in the air? will then see bibles of all sorts. Neat ones (note, I didn't say 'New' ooo), Tattered ones, Coffee-stained ones, Battered and Dog-eared ones. But now, things haf shange, we raise up Tablets, Smartphones, I-Pods...even my Nokia 7610 back then can boast of being among Intelligent phones too. It had one bible app like that. When you type 'Genesis', it loads fast o, but if you mistakenly type 'Exodus', you will have to wait for the Israelites to leave Egypt and come back. LOL! It will load ehn! hmm...Let me just concentrate on today's post.

I'll post the Ironies of Life in my next post. I just remembered I haven't finished my series on Trade-offs. I finished the book by the way.
Hoping to squeeze in some time in between the 3-week busy period to read another book (The Man God Uses). I feel I need to 'absorb' (my term for reading a book twice over) the book.


The great men and women of history were great not because of what they owned or earned, but because they gave their lives to accomplish greatness.

If somethng is worth doing, either give it your best or don't do it at all.


When you invest in others, you multiply your efforts - every person you assist becomes a fellow workmate

Anyone who succeeds does so because of the help and grace of others. Be grateful for everything you have, and share it with others.

I hope you picked something?

Will tell you about the Ironies I observed in my next post. Join me same time same station next week.
I want to add a nice ending like my favourite radio station does before & after every news programme(won't tell you which :-D). Here goes:
"Help keep the world green, support efforts to protect animals and nature...Plant a tree today"



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