Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest happenings

Quite sad, I was supposed to do a round yesterday but my internet subscription ended without me noticing.

So it's been really nice this past week.
But before I go on, I'd like to wish a wonderful sister, friend and fellow blogsville neighbour a Happy birthday; speaking of Dolapo Adeleke (Lowla Dee). She's really inspired me with her stories times without number and she is also the Chairperson of a recently launched Monthly Writing competition, tagged 'PEN IT' in which I'm privileged to be part of the panel. It kicks off September 7th, 2011 and hopes to feature about 12 upcoming writing talents anually.

Also, I recently took part in a workshop/Leadership programme for Secondary Schools and it was awesome.
Nigerian youths really need a lot of 'working on'.
There were different sections in the program such as Sex Education, Personal Development, Creative Writing, Car Design (yes, and the guy that took it was superb), Computer Literacy and a few others.
Well, you don't need to ask which one I featured in. Creative Writing nah!

I tell you point blank, Public/Government schools need overhauling but it was refreshing to know how enthusiastic these people are to learning.
So, we (a lady and I) talked about Writing basics, New forms of creative writing (blogging, Tweeting, etc) and had interactive sessions to hear them out. These kids want to learn but there's no one to teach them quality stuff.
Here are some of the pictures:

Bassey - Computer Literacy Facilitator

Sex Education Segment
Unfortunately, I'm still expecting the Creative Writing Session pictures. Will upload soon.
Everytime I remember these day, it only re-iterates the fact that Nigeria's Education Sector needs urgent reforms. I'm proud I'm going to be a part of it. It's a strong conviction.



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