Sunday, September 18, 2011

Into the new week+Ironies

I wish you all an awesome week ahead!
Well, I will be posting the Ironies as promised. I'm already counting down to the end of the 3-week program.

I wanted to post something yesterday but got so engrossed in reading the latest debate that has caused heated arguments in Blogsville. *SMH* It's quite controversial so to say but I still think if you want to seek people's opinions on a matter, then why go ahead to castigate them for giving their own 2 cents. Nuff said on that.

So while checking and replying to comments here yesterday, I was told by RB11 (Relentless2011) in one of the comments to expantiate on my views on the Job situation in Nigeria. In line with that request, I just did an opinion poll on FB on the matter. I should put something together soon. And now the ironies of life:

- A man without a job craves for one; the one with a job needs a break.

- The poor want to be rich; the rich crave for a simple life.

- The unpopular want fame; the famous need their private lives badly.

- This one gets at me: The proud pray to be humble; the humble are proud of their humility. LOL!

- This one reminds me of why I shouldn't be in a haste and make every moment count:
   The young at heart want to be mature and grow older; the old and wise long again for their youthful days.

- The single want to get married, have kids in a big house; the married are tired of the big house, rather, a big home matters.

So just in all we do, let's remember to make the little minutes count. Success is an everyday thing. Love you guys.

As I was about to start my day, this video below just confirmed my post yesternite. Would love to share with you!



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