Sunday, September 11, 2011


I guess I must have offended someone with the hair analysis in my last post. I'm on my knees ooo.:-))

So immediately I put up the post, my Internet connection went offline. I did the basic restarting of the modem and PC. No show. I then resolved to put my techie skills to work. Went to my Windows Host file to return some tweaked settings to the default. No show. By then, I was vexed, a little PC trying to intimidate me. lailai.

Then I started an in-depth network troubleshooting. Checked my proxy server settings, manually configured the Windows dialup settings to sync with my modem. No show. Hia! I then started suspecting higher powers at work. You know, the kind that is against any hair post/analysis. LOL, u would know why soon.

I checked my Antivirus settings and discovered it was actually expired. *hiss* how could I have missed an obvious detail. So I checked the firewall and network settings on it and found out they were actually disabled. Phew! Finally. I overcame those anti-hair-post powers. Lol!
So I tried uninstalling it, I did not see it at all in my list of installed programs. Haa! I then rebooted my PC into 'Safe Mode' by pressing 'F8' at the boot screen, manually deleted the antivirus folder and all resemblances of it. HAHAHA! In your face!

Happily, I restarted my baby to gist you guys of my victory...

It started up...

Showed the boot screen...

And after waiting for the longest seconds of that night...

It showed the 'Blue Screen'. My PC had crashed!!!

So I'm currently going to be incommunicado for a brief period till I fix my PC+ I'll be on a three week program me. Argghhh!
I put up this post from a very unusual location. Currently blogging from 'Cafelicious' and just had a nice meal. It just goes on to confirm the fact that I love blogging/writing. Maybe I'll upload pictures for you to see or maybe not. hope to blog soon though.



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