Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you believe in Paying Tithes?

Happy New Month to you all!
More blessings are definitely coming your way this September by God's grace.(Amen) the way Blogger's new interface is quite interesting. The orange interface is kinda shouting though.

I was a lil unimpressed with Linda Ikeji's post this morning. Why?

It's okay to have reasons for not doing certain things but I believe if you're going to provide any information on anything, it should be with valid facts with data to support it.
Saying you won't pay tithes because most churches use the money in building schools which are expensive to attend and totally unaffordable for the common man is totally an excuse in my own opinion.

But then again, I tried to see from her perspective and could actually understand what she meant a bit. But I personally don't consider that enough reason. The fees posted on her blog are totally wrong! At least for one of the schools I'm 100% sure of. But that is by the way.

So I decided to throw it open to hear from various perspectives. Please share your opinion on Tithing.

  1. Do you believe in it?
  2. Why exactly do you pay tithes if you believe in it?
  3. If you learnt tomorrow of misappropriation of funds generated from Tithe-payer's money in your church, would you stop paying?



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